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Blackjack Tables

When learning how to play blackjack and the rules involved in the game, you also need to know what a blackjack table looks like as well as make sense of the layout. If it were the craps table that need some clarification, it would take up some time given the many betting fields and the rules that apply. Fortunately, the blackjack table layout is not very complicated and mostly based on common sense.

Blackjack tables are semi-circular, with the straight edge being the dealer's side, and accommodate up to 7 players; however, it is not unlikely to find one that only seats up to 5 players (as pictured below). Each player has his own betting areas to make it easier for the dealer to distinguish between individual bets. The blackjack and insurance payout odds are always displayed, as are the rules that the dealer has to play by.

Standard Blackjack Table

With blackjack being as popular as it is, most casinos have several blackjack tables on the floor to accommodate the growing demand. They are usually placed in a more secluded area, away from the noisy slot machines. Unlike the craps table, which is full of energy, loud conversations and congratulatory cheers, a blackjack table doesn't stand out as much. If you're having trouble locating one, just ask one of the casino attendants. They're sure to lend you a helping hand.

By transforming the layout displayed on blackjack tables onto the computer, designers have made it possible to enjoy the game online. While technology advances, online blackjack games gain more entertainment value as they take on new characteristics, giving the player more options to exhaust. Visit one of our featured casinos and enjoy a good game.

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