Blackjack Odds

Play free Blackjack NOW! Although blackjack is a fun game to play, that is not what made it so popular among so many gamblers worldwide. The odds that the casinos offer on the game of blackjack are the lowest in the house, making it the most profitable game for the player.

In the early days of blackjack, it was in fact possible to gain an edge over the casino, as there were still many things to be discovered about the game by both, the player and the casino. Once mathematicians put in their two cents, the casinos have made the necessary changes to the rules in order to maintain an edge over the player. Since then, many strategies have been developed to allow players to enjoy the game with the best blackjack odds possible. With the right strategy, it is possible to bring the house edge down to less than 1%.

If you're among those who think of blackjack as nothing more than simply a game of chance, read on, as I am about to prove you wrong. Because there are many decisions involved when playing blackjack, certainly there must be a way of playing that gives you the best winning odds - following the basic blackjack strategy is the answer. People who chose to simply sit down at the table and play according to what their gut is telling them usually walk away sore losers. As mentioned before, the game involves a lot of skill in order to keep the blackjack odds below 1%.

Even though it is strongly recommended that you use at least the basic strategy when playing blackjack, there are a couple of things that you can do to play with the blackjack odds:

  • Don't use the surrender option.
  • Don't hit a hand that totals more than or equal to 17.
  • Never, ever, ever take insurance - even if you have a blackjack.